2014-12-04 21:27 

04.12.2014 20:54

...the kurobas sequel that's gonna be released in JUMP NEXT this 29 Dec is going to be about Kuroko teaming with Kiseki no Sedai once again.

'The player I have my attention on'
by Kise: Kuroko Tetsuya
by Aomine: Kagami Taiga
by Kagami: Kiseki no Sedai

Kuroko: Is there anything you're trying to improve at?
Midorima: I'd like to learn cooking, if I have more time. Takao laughed at me so...



2014-12-04 21:28 

04.12.2014 20:35



2014-12-04 21:29 

04.12.2014 20:34
Emma Frost:

, :-D.

Kuro Fes interview - Fujimaki-sensei talks the difference in Kise between Anime and Manga.

"in this match (Haizaki vs Kise), i wanted to depict Kise isnt necessary a good guy. In my opinion, Kise in Anime is little too soft compared to Kise in Manga I heard that when Kise used abusive words (on Jump i guess?), one of Anime staffs was very in shock (*laugh*). I am NOT going to deny Anime AT ALL, but in my mind, Kise is a person who only affable to those he admitted & feel worthy after measuring with his own eyes. Other than that, he is usually cold-hearted. Ive recognized him who has two faces. He is not completely good-boy, you know. That being said, please read Manga thinking Kise in Manga is bit different from Anime (*laugh*)."

-, .



- xD

. .

Each of the Miracles seem to be talented at basketball, but for the opposite, What is the one thing that they absolutely have no talent in?

Kise → Hes bad at drawing
Midorima → He cant cook
Aomine → He cant clean up
Murasakibara → He cant sing (the character song is an exception) " "
Akashi → He cant laugh at jokes


2014-12-04 21:33 

04.12.2014 20:26

Takao & Midorimas commentary on being chosen as Best Combination

"On sync anywhere, anytime!?"
"Shin-chan, were popular combination!"
"Why am I a set with Takao no da yo

Midorimas comment: I dont remember forming a combination with him but I approve of him as a player. Well, he is not unpleasant no da yo.
Takaos comment: You approved me?? Hee.hoo.fufu~n (SEE??) Everyone! Even though hes looking this hes actually very happy, please watch him well!


2014-12-04 21:38 

04.12.2014 19:52
Kai Sirius Miller:


Shuutoku 3rd Year SF #8

The foul-mouthed, hot-blooded player who takes it upon himself to play the bad guy!!

Height: 191cm
Weight: 77kg
Birthday: November 11th (Scorpio)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: With ones whole heart
Favorite food: Deep-fried oyster
Hobby: Idols
Skill: Otagei
Best subject: Mathematics
School committee: Disciplinary
Family: Father, Mother, Younger brother
Dislikes: Being treated as the same as anime otakus
Best basketball skill: Dribbling
Type of girl he likes: Miyu-miyu (his oshimen)
How he spends his days off: Shopping at the idol shop in Nakano Broadway
Why he started playing basketball: By the influence of his NBA-loving parents
Player he has his eye on: Hayama Kotarou


2014-12-04 21:40 

Kuro Fes Profile: Moriyama Yoshitaka

Kaijou 3rd Year SG #5

Handsome but disappointing, unique shooter

Height: 181cm
Weight: 67kg
Birthday: February 13th (Aquarius)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: Ladies first
Favorite food: Kitsune udon
Hobby: Futsal
Skill: Palm reading
Best subject: Mathematics
School committee: None
Family: Father, Mother, Older brother
Dislikes: Girls who are too trashy
Best basketball skill: Three point shots
Type of girl he likes: Sexy ladies
How he spends his days off: Playing futsal with his friends
Why he started playing basketball: Hed heard that the basketball club was popular with girls
Player he has his eye on: Hyuuga Junpei

2014-12-04 21:41 

Kuro Fes Profile: Furuhashi Koujirou

Readily plays rough! The skilled player with lightless eyes!!

Kirisaki Daiichi 2nd Year SF #7

Kirisaki Daiichis dangerous starter who commits vicious fouls with empty eyes.

Height: 186cm
Weight: 73kg
Birthday: June 30th (Cancer)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: Floating clouds and flowing water. [To not get fixated on anything and go along with the flow.]
Favorite food: Asian pear
Hobby: Gardening
Skill: Bread-making
Best subject: Modern Literature
School committee: Library
Family: Father, Mother, Younger sister
Dislikes: Making jokes
Best basketball skill: Mid-range shot
Type of girl he likes: A person with masochistic tendencies
How he spends his days off: Watering flowers
Why he started playing basketball: It just happened somehow
Player hes got his eye on: Akashi Seijuurou

High ability that even Hanamiya acknowledges!

Physical ability: 7/10
Technique: 8/10
Stamina: 7/10
Mental strength: 8/10
Special ability: 5/10

2014-12-04 21:42 

Questions for Kuroko Tetsuya! Special Interview vol.0

Kuroko: Please go easy on me.

Q1. You will be interviewing a large number of people today - please give me your thoughts going into this endeavour.
It’s my first time to act as an interviewer, but I’ll try my best.

Q2. What do you consider your best trait?
I think that I have perseverance.

Q3. Then is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?
People tell me that I don’t speak up enough, so I would like to be able to be a bit more assertive in communicating through words.

Q4. Kuroko-san, who is the opponent you would least like to lose against?
I don’t really think about winning and losing on an individual level; however, as a team, I want us to do all we can and win every match.

Q5. Looking back at the Winter Cup, how do you feel about it now?
I can probably say that it was the happiest I have ever been.

Q6. Did you speak with Ogiwara-kun afterwards?
We spoke a little about the past and present. I apologized to him, but he told me there was no need. Also, apparently he had changed phone numbers*, so we exchanged numbers again.

Q7. You have said that reading is your hobby. Please tell me what books and authors you are into lately.
Recently, I’ve been so focused on basketball that I haven’t been reading much at all. Once things have calmed down a bit, I’m hoping to read all sorts of books.

Q8. What is the most amusing mannerism, and by whom, that you have witnessed during your people-watching?
Perhaps not exactly amusing, but I was shocked by how Kagami-kun would eat a single cheeseburger in about three bites - and without hardly any chewing. I felt that was bad for his health so I told him off.

Q9. Tell me what your goals are now, moving forward.
Just because we’ve won the Winter Cup, does not of course mean we’ve achieved our goal and this is the end. If we’re going to take part, we’re going to aim to win, and try our best to become number one in Japan again.

Q10. Please give me a message for the fans out there.
Thank you for always supporting me. I will work hard as a shadow, and as an interviewer after this, so please look after me.

Interviewer: Thank you very much!

[* Kuroko actually says “addresses” rather than cell phone numbers - meaning the email addresses for their cell phone messaging.]

2014-12-04 21:48 

04.12.2014 19:49

Takao Kazunari according to Midorima Shintarou:

Characters whose popularity surpassed Fujimaki-senseis expectation.
Hanamiya, Haizaki, & Takao
Even though I drew Hanamiya and Haizaki thinking; readers will hate them!, they ended up gaining unusual popularity. Takaos popularity simply exceeds my expectation. As for Hanamiya and Takao, I think Fukuyama Jun and Suzuki Tatsuhisa who lend their voice for them played a big role in affecting their popularity. Even then, for Takao to be so popular that he threatens Kiseki no Sedais popularity is(bitter laugh)


2014-12-04 21:52 

04.12.2014 18:34

*, * ! !

, . vena dih, .

, , , , !

: 189
: 77
: 18.06 ()
: (?)
: ( ?)
: (?)
: , ,
: (?)
: / (?)
: , ,
, : ,

, , , .
, , , , , .


2014-12-04 21:54 

04.12.2014 17:54

Initial setting between Kuroko and Akashi

" in this Teikou arc, nuh, probably THIS IS by far the biggest idea that i shot down. I was going to set Akashi and Kuroko sibling. That is why their hair styles resemble each other. However, I thought the purpose to beat GoM and to become No.1 in Japan may become a vague if i do so, and it might turn out like a soap opera. That is why i cancelled the idea.

kuroko: the person aomine-kun wants to lose to the least is kagami-kun yes?
aomine: why are you deciding for me! .well, yeah
kuroko also asks about momoi, and aomine is like someone i cant get rid off shes annoying
aomine thinks his strong point is his healthy body because he never caught a cold even when he fell asleep on the roof in winter
kuroko: when did you start liking boobs
aomine: are you an idiot tetsu. thats like asking why you masturbate. its instinct. obviously from birth

Q: Please tell us something about Aomine that nobody knows

A: hehehe He might not look it, but Dai-chan used to be a big crybaby! He cried when he was little and he lost at basketball, he cried the first time he was on a roller coaster, he cried when he wet the bed Thats why now when I see him acting so big it makes me laugh

Q.1: [Kuroko suddenly appears] Akashi-kun, congratulations in being 1st (in PG poll). How do you feel right now?
A: [Isnt surprised] Thank you. Im happy

Q.2: Which Akashi-kun are you right now?
A: The true me (he uses ore). The other one wont come out carelessly.

Q.3: What do you think is your best trait?
A: Its hard to say when you say the best, but if you say the strongest then I guess its my decisiveness.

Q.4: Then, are there anything that you want to improve?
A: I guess I want to be able to connect with people without making them wary of me.

Q.5: Who is the person you dont want to lose to the most?
A: Kuroko, its you [laughs]

Q.6: After WC is over are there any comments from you family?
A: My father seems to be disappointed

Q.7: Im a bit interested by how the girls calls you with -sama suffix. How do you feel about that?
A: Its a bit uncomfortable. I think how this happened may be related to my answer in the 4th question.

Q.8: What is the line from yourself that youre interested in the most?
A: Youre asking a cruel question [laughs].Know your place.

Q.9: Please tell us your next target.
A: I would say a revenge towards Seirin in next years Inter High

Q.10: Please give a message to your fans.
A: Thank you for choosing me as first in this poll. Ill do my best from now on so I wont lose from Kuroko.


2014-12-04 21:59 

BD and DVD vol.8 teasers

Sorry, I forgot to post these earlier. Volume 7 will be coming out soon, on July 25th. It will contain episodes 42~44.


Information, such as previews of the endcards and NGs, can be found on the anime website.

SPECIAL CD feat. Imayoshi Shouichi

Seishun Tip-off!! ~MVP Imayoshi ver. (Imayoshi Shouichi)

Audio drama:

Wakamatsu and Sakurai have been asked to run an errand to Kaijou High School in Imayoshis stead. Elsewhere, Imayoshi happens to be
"Impressive! But not good enough! I wont hold back either?!" "Ill wipe that smirk off your face!"
Cast: Imayoshi, Hyuuga, Kasamatsu, Sakurai, Wakamatsu

[Please pretend all of Imayoshi’s lines are in whatever the English equivalent of a Kansai dialect is.]

Teasers tweets from the Anibasu twitter:

Imayoshi: Oh yeah, I’ll have you guys go along! Yes, that’s what I’ll do.
Sakurai: ?
Wakamatsu: We’re going to go get your glasses fixed?
Imayoshi: Why in the world.

Sakurai: It’s mint, I’m sorry!
Wakamatsu: Why are you apologizing?
Sakurai: It’s awful when you get mint for your first candy, right?!
Wakamatsu: Huh?
Sakurai: I don’t like mint flavor.

Imayoshi: You’re Hyuuga from Seirin! Hey, you weren’t injured, were you?
Hyuuga: Eh? I-I’m okay, I think.
Imayoshi: And your hand?!
Hyuuga: I-It’s fine.
Imayoshi: Honestly, what are you doing…

Sakurai: Ka-Ka-Ka-Kasamatsu-san, here! Please eat these together with everyone at Kaijou!
Kasamatsu: Huh?
Sakurai: They’re madeleines!
Kasamatsu: Uh, right. Thanks for taking the trouble.

Imayoshi: I won’t hold back.
Hyuuga: (Saying such things and yet it’s as if he’s revealing his hand…;)
Imayoshi: Don’t worry, I’m not planning to spy your hand.
Hyuuga: ?!

Kasamatsu: Kise is stupid but he turns up for practice.
Wakamatsu: Aomine is stupid and he doesn’t come to practice!
Kasamatsu: That must be tough.
Wakamastu: Imayoshi-san should tell that bastard off!

Hyuuga: You’re Touou’s “Dossei”!
Wakamatsu: It’s Wakamatsu!
Hyuuga: And Apologetic Mushroom.
Sakurai: I’m Sakurai!
Hyuuga: So the ones Imayoshi-san is meeting are you guys?

Kasamatsu: Hello?
Imayoshi: Are you finished~?
Kasamatsu: Yeah.
Imayoshi: Were you able to come to a decision on the dates?
Kasamatsu: Just about. By the way, those two were useless unless they were a set!

Imayoshi: Where the hell is Aomine!
Wakamatsu: H-He’s not here!
Imayoshi: That ganguro never takes practice seriously! …This time I’ll show him.
Wakamatsu: What are you going to do?! *happy*

2014-12-04 22:00 

BD and DVD vol.7 teasers

Out August 27th. Contains episodes 45~47Q.


Information can be found on the KnB anime website as usual.

SPECIAL CD feat. Himuro Tatsuya

Seishun Tip-off!! MVP~ Himuro ver. (Himuro Tatsuya)

Audio drama:

Under the guidance of their teacher Alex, Tatsuya and Taiga compete with each other and grow. But as time passes, some complicated feelings begin to take root in Tatsuyas heart
"Are you unhappy about Taiga improving?"
"Not really. Taiga is Taiga, and Im me."
Cast: Himuro, Kagami, Alex, Young Himuro, Young Kagami

Teasers tweets from the Anibasu twitter:

Little Kagami: Teach us basketball!
Alex: Some other time.
Little Kagami: When is “some other time”?!
Little Himuro: Last time I saw her she said “next time”.

Alex: Your heights are the same now.
Little Kagami: Yay! I’ve caught up with Tatsuya!
Alex: Kids grow so fast.
Little Himuro: I’m going to drink more milk from tomorrow.

Alex: What are you doing?
Little Kagami: I’m taking out the pickles.
Alex: Why? Don’t you like pickles?
Little Kagami: It’s not that I don’t like them. It’s because Tatsuya likes them.

Alex: That was amazing, Taiga! I didn’t know you could jump so high.
Little Kagami: I jumped with all my might and my hand touched it.
Little Himuro: I could do that too, if I practiced…

Himuro: We’re no longer kids, you know. We’re way more grown up than when we first met you.
Alex: Really? …Then perhaps you should prove it to me?
Himuro: Eh?

Himuro: Is this a roast chicken?
Alex: Grand, isn’t it?
Kagami: More huge than grand! At least cut it up!
Alex: I couldn’t be bothered.

Himuro: I’m glad that Alex is our teacher… except for one thing.
Alex. What? What’s wrong about me?
Himuro: You don’t know? Put your hand on your chest and give it a guess.

Himuro: I’ll help you cook.
Kagami: Let’s let Alex taste the flavors of Japan!
Himuro: Yeah.
Kagami: It’s been so long since we’ve cooked together!

Himuro: What is it, this feeling… *dunks*
Alex: I haven’t seen your dunk in ages.
Himuro: I don’t do it very often.
Alex: Were you spurred by Taiga?

Himuro: I now understand the meaning behind those vague emotions. I didn’t want to lose to Taiga whom I’d always considered a little brother. And I thought that this made me really, uncool. But…

2014-12-04 22:03 

BD and DVD vol.5 teasers

To be released May 28th, 2014. Contains episodes 37~39Q.


Previews of the NGs and endcards can be seen on the anime website. This time the NGs are from the scene where the GoM gather for the WC. Scolding Murasakibara, telling off Akashi… Midorima is very busy.

SPECIAL CD feat. Izuki Shun

Seishun Tip-off!! ~MVP Izuki ver. (Izuki Shun)

Audio drama:

Izukis purpose for calling Hyuuga out on their day-off is to go to a cute fancy goods store?! While they are there, Midorima and Takao turn up in search of lucky items
"Ive got it! This item will h-item Kiyoshi-sans luck!

Cast: Izuki, Hyuuga, Midorima, Takao

Teasers tweets from the Anibasu twitter:

Hyuuga: So this is the protagonist.
Izuki: His catchphrase is really cool. I think that’s why my sister likes it.
Hyuuga: The vampire’s? What sort of catchphrase?
Izuki: “I will vamp-quish you!”

Midorima: Sparkly Komachi-chan Rainbow Mascara.
Hyuuga: Eh? What? Sparkly…
Takao: Pfft! Say it again for them, Shin-chan.
Midorima: Sparkly Komachi-chan Rainbow Mascara.

Hyuuga: Hurry up and choose the present.
Izuki: Hyuuga, which do you think is the cutest out of these?
Hyuuga: Hmm, let me see…
Takao: You two are so close~

Midorima: I have bought some french fries.
Izuki: Ah! Your fries have fallen to the floor! What a sur-fries!
Midorima: …But they haven’t fallen.
Izuki: No, that’s not what I mea-
Midorima: Does Izuki-san have the ability to predict the future?

Takao: Both Izuki-san and Hyuuga-san are so easy to talk to. It’s great how Seirin are kind to us.
Izuki: Well we are ‘one of a kind’!
Takao: ? Uh… yeah.
Hyuuga: He totally ignored your joke.

Izuki: Hyuuga! Hyuuga!
Hyuuga: There’s no point coming at me with those puppy dog eyes. Now you can see how nice we are to you everyday, huh?
Izuki: Because Midorima and Takao are both from a different school, I guess they must be holding back.

Takao: Is his little sister just like him?
Hyuuga: Their appearances are very similar.
Takao: Then she must be a beauty.
Hyuuga: If only it were just their appearances that were similar...
Takao: Ah! Don’t tell me…

Izuki: We’ve been playing together since middle school so we have a great understanding of each other. And he never lets us down at those crucial moments. We’re counting on you, Captain.
Hyuuga: W-what’re you saying all of a sudden!

Takao: We have an absolute scorer too. As the PG I will bring out the best of him! Right, Ace-sama?
Midorima: *slurps*
Takao: Say something instead of just drinking your oshiruko!

Takao: Izuki-san, can you give me some tips on how to communicate
better? You know, like those things that you’re good at.
Izuki: Oh! Really?
Hyuuga: I’m not taking any responsibility, no matter what happens.

2014-12-04 22:04 

BD and DVD vol.4 teasers

To be released April 25th 2014. Contains episodes 34~36.


Previews of the NGs and endcards can be seen on the anime website. Apparently this time the NGs are the “beaten up” series.

SPECIAL CD feat. Hanamiya Makoto

Seishun Tip-off!! ~MVP Hanamiya ver. (Hanamiya Makoto)

Audio drama:

Hanamiya logs on to an online escape game to kill time. But the other players who have gathered seem to be a tricky bunch
"Miiist-kun~ lets go too." "What do you mean lets. Youre seriously annoying!"
Cast: Hanamiya, Riko, Imayoshi, Miyaji

Teasers tweets from the Anibasu twitter:

Because the characters are playing an online game, they are all using handles.
Hanamiya = ミスト= Mist [the kanji for Kiri of Kirisaki means Mist]
Imayoshi = ラッキーナウ = LuckyNow [the kanji for Ima and Yoshi mean Now and Lucky respectively]
Riko = アイ = Ai (or Eye) [either Ai for Aida or Eye for her Analyzer Eye?]
Miyaji = キヨ = Kiyo [his full name is Miyaji Kiyoshi]

Imayoshi (LuckyNow) does not speak in his normal Kansai dialect, instead he opts for standard Japanese.

Mist: Ai-san, your avatar is very cute.
Ai: Eh, really? Thanks!
Hanamiya: (Ha! People who care about their appearance are unlikely to be of any use when it comes down to it.)

SFX: Bang!
Mist: What was that?!
Ai: An attack?!
SFX: Bang!
Mist: I wonder if it’s another player?
Ai: What in the world are you doing?!
Kiyo: I’m destroying the wall!

Ai: Your avatar has glasses. Do you wear glasses in real life too?
LuckyNow: Can you tell? I chose it without even thinking.
Ai: Boys in glasses are great!

LuckyNow: Don’t you do any sports?
Mist: Well, as much as any other person.
LuckyNow: I’ve got it! You do athletics, don’t you?
Mist: Well, my sport is in that sort of area.
LuckyNow: Reaaally?

Ai: I’m at a disadvantage because my body is small.
Kiyo: I’m big. Do you want me to go with you?
Ai: Eh?
Kiyo: And I mainly raise my stamina stats. I’ll go check above.

Hanamiya: (What the hell. This guy is so annoying.)
LuckyNow: Hm? Mist-kun did you say something?
Hanamiya: (Huh?! I-I didn’t type anything just now, did I?!)
Mist: Nope, nothing.

LuckyNow: That t-shirt of yours, it looks super cool!
Kiyo: Eh? D-do you think so?
LuckyNow: If those were available, I should’ve of gotten one.
Kiyo: Oh, they had more of them in different colors…?

LuckyNow: You see that suspicious hole in the wall? A hand could probably fit into it.
Hanamiya: (It’s obviously a trap!)
Mist: Lucky-san, maybe you should try it?

LuckyNow: When I count to three, we lift. Okay?
Mist: Got it.
LuckyNow: Here we go. One, two!
Mist: Wha-, hey! Waaaaaaaah!

2014-12-04 22:04 

Vol.26 Q&As

Actual pages can be seen here.

Q. If Alex were to say to Kagami, Ill let you touch my breasts, what would he do? (Tochigi / PN: Murasame)
A. Alex sees Kagami as almost like a son or younger brother, and Kagami sees Alex as almost like a mother or older sister. Ask a friend with an older sister what they would do.

Q. I am asking this question as a fan of Kiyoshi. In 109Q, everyone apart from Kuroko and Kagami was crushed by Riko, but was Kiyoshi also peeking? I dont want to believe it but he is a high schooler after all(´・ω・`) (Kouchi / PN: I want to be crushed by Kotarou.)
A. At that time, Riko didnt differentiate between those who did peek and those who didnt. She simply slaughtered everyone that was there.

Q. What were the rankings of Kuroko-kun, Furihata-kun, Kawahara-kun, and Fukuda-kun in the proficiency test of 37Q? (Tokyo / PN: O.H)
A. Kuroko: 149th/308, Furihata: 106/308, Kawahara: 88/308, Fukuda: 148/308

Q. Why is Aomine-kun so dark??? (Yamagata / PN: Gaihaku)
A. Because he played in the mountains a lot as a kid.

[I know these have already been translated from the spoilers, but I wanted a full version including the questioner info etc.]

2014-12-05 03:04 

05.12.2014 02:48

? - , .


2014-12-05 13:48 

05.12.2014 04:54


Furihata Kouki
(8th most popular PG with 1404 votes)
"He got scared easily but it doesnt mean hes weak! PG that avoids risk!"

170 cm/60 kg
November 8th (Scorpio)
Blood Type O
Motto: to work without expecting credit
Favorite food: Omelette Rice
Hobby: Rail roads (trains)
Specialty: Speed talking
Best subject: Biology
Committee: Librarian
Family: Father, Mother, Elder Brother
Things hes not good at: Standing in front of a lot of people
Best play: Screen Out
Type: Someone who has their own world
Way to spend free time: Shopping
Reason starting basketball: A person he has a crush on told him to become number 1 in something
Player he has his eyes on: Kasuga Ryuuhei (Shinkyo)


2014-12-05 13:59 

05.12.2014 10:26

- Kuro Fes - Fujimaki senseis comments on each character

Nijimura: there was an idea, which make his hair colour rainbow. Glad i didnt.

Kuroko: nothing more to say about him. hes like my other self.

Akashi: original Akashi has returned after being defeated by Kuroko & Kagami, though insane Akashi has not completely vanished. perhaps he makes appearance.

Takao: to be frank, I was drawing him just like another minor character at the beginning. Then he climbed up the ladder to success like Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Midorima: whether good or bad, it is no exaggeration to say that he is the one who solidified the direction of this Manga. In a way, he is the biggest piece.

Kise: he is in fact losing almost entire match. He is a sad guy who became an outlet for jealousy that Fujimaki nurses against Ikemen.

Kagami: Since i found his stance, which is to play for comrades, ive grown strong attachment to him. He is one of my most favorite characters now.

Aomine: a former Kurokos partner.Therefore after beaten, hes been actively participating. if you ask who explains about the ZONE, he is the one.

Murasakibara: during the game, i exaggerated his size i was nearly disoriented the balance.


2014-12-05 14:30 

05.12.2014 14:29

, . , , , , .


2014-12-05 16:49 

Imayoshi Shouichi
(7th most popular PG with 1834 votes)
"A smiling gambler of new tyrannical powerful troops."

180 cm/71 kg
June 3rd (Gemini)
Blood Type AB
Motto: I know that I Know Nothing
Favorite food: unajuu (broiled eel served over rice)
Hobby: Horse racing (no betting)
Specialty: Fishing
Best subject: Math
Committee: Disciplinary Committee
Family: Father, Sister
Things hes not good at: spontaneous people
Best play: behind the back pass
Type: Attentive sister
Way to spend free time: Fishing
Reason starting basketball: Recommended by parent
Player he has his eyes on: Hanamiya Makoto (Kirisaki Daiichi)

Hanamiya Makoto
(5th most popular PG with xx10 votes)
"The bad boy of Basketball world who choose the path of heretic."

179 cm/67 kg
January 12th (Capricorn)
Blood Type AB
Motto: Birds of a feather flock together
Favorite food: 100% Cacao
Hobby: Reading
Specialty: Dartz
Best subject: Chemistry
Committee: Disciplinary Committee
Family: Mother
Things hes not good at: Refreshingness
Best play: Steal
Type: Stupid Girl
Way to spend free time: Reading
Reason starting basketball: because there are annoying people in basketball club
Player he has his eyes on: Kiyoshi Teppei (Seirin)

2014-12-05 20:50 

05.12.2014 19:40
vena dih:

Kuroko no Basuke,
, , , . , .

"" , .
" . ".


2014-12-06 17:07 

06.12.2014 16:50



2014-12-06 17:08 

06.12.2014 16:52

Himuro Tatsuya

. , :smirk:


2014-12-06 17:10 

06.12.2014 06:45
vena dih:

Kuroko no Basuke, , +
: ** , " " :lol: :lol: :hlop: :hah:

Nijimura Shuuzou

Height: 179cm
Weight: 67kg
Birthday: July 10th (Cancer)
Blood type: A
Motto: Dont forget your first resolution
Favorite food: Fried rice
Hobby: Table tennis
Skill: Karate
Best subject: Mathematics
School committee: Physical education
Family: Father, Mother
Dislikes: Holding back [as in going easy on anything]
Best basketball skill: Drive -> Pass
Type of girl he likes: Someone good at cooking
How he spends his days off: Visits his father in hospital
Why he started playing basketball: Shirogane invited him
Player he has an eye on: Akashi Seijuurou

Haizaki Shougo
The fearsome troublemaker who was once called a Miracle

Fukuda Sougou Gakuen 1st year SF #6
Former Generation of Miracle who quit basketball over bad behavior. / Plots to steal back the title of Miracle.

Height: 188cm
Weight: 78kg
Birthday: November 2nd (Scorpio)
Bloodtype: B
Motto: Survival of the fittest
Favorite food: Karaage
Hobby: Hitting on girls
Skill: Cheating at tests
Best subject: Health and Physical Education
School committee: None
Family: Mother, Older brother
Dislikes (Bad with): Nijimura Shuuzou
Best basketball move: None in particular
Type of girl he likes: Erotic girls
How he spends his days off: Hanging out in town and chatting up the occasional girl
Why he started playing basketball: Just happened somehow
Player he has an eye on: Kise Ryouta
Special move: Snatch

STATS [not completely sure about these numbers]
Physical ability: 9/10
Technique: 8.5/10
Stamina: 8/10
Mental Strength: 9/10
Special ability: 10/10

Fujimakis comment: A violent thug, which is rare in this manga. Well, its the type I hate most.

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"" , .
" . ".

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. -, :lol: :squeeze: :crzfan:


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07.12.2014 13:58

KURO Fes: The Gleam Award - Kurokos Light
1. Kagami Taiga
2. Aomine Daiki
3. Kise Ryota
4. Nigou
5. Akashi Seijuro
6. Ogiwara Shigehiro
7. Takao Kazunari
8. Momoi Satsuki

, ! :-D<img class=" src="static.diary.ru/picture/1177.gif">
, ,


2014-12-07 14:34 

The Gleam Award is for the specific voting of Kurokos Light

Total votes: 28954 (710 votes went to other characters outside the top 20)

Top 50 ranking for character popularity, called GP Award in Kuro Fes.

Power Forward: (total votes - 29571)

Small Forward: (total votes - 29249)

Shooting Guard: (total votes - 29820)

Point Guard: (total votes - 29927)

Top Ranking for Center Award

Top 20 Ranking for Best Pair/Combination


2014-12-07 15:09 


Q: How did Hanamiya-kuns personality turn into that?
A: I wonder why.

Q: It seems that all of the Miragen have their own talent in basketball, but in contrast is there an area where they have absolutely no talent at all?
A: Kise -> sucks at drawing. Midorima -> hopeless at cooking. Aomine -> cant clean. Murasakibara -> tone death (character songs are an exception). Akashi -> jokes arent funny.

Q: Both Kise-kun and Himuro-san are popular with girls, but who is more popular?
A: This is a bad way to put it, but in terms of quality its Himuro and quantity is Kise.

Q: Aida Riko (Coach) adds -kun when she addresses the other (Seirin) members, but why does only Kiyoshi get Teppei?
A: Its because they had dated at one point.

Q: What other kinds of lies have Fukui told Liu besides the ones in the NG or novels?
A: In Japan, small guys are more admirable than tall guys. (Just in case, I must say that usually he teaches him seriously. He only occasionally tease him with lies.)

2014-12-07 15:25 

Kuro Fes! Interview - Kise Ryouta


2014-12-07 15:37 

- Kuro Fes - Fujimaki senseis comments on each character

Kuroko: nothing more to say about him. hes like my other self.

Akashi: original Akashi has returned after being defeated by Kuroko & Kagami, though insane Akashi has not completely vanished. perhaps he makes appearance.

Takao: to be frank, I was drawing him just like another minor character at the beginning. Then he climbed up the ladder to success like Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Midorima: whether good or bad, it is no exaggeration to say that he is the one who solidified the direction of this Manga. In a way, he is the biggest piece.

Kise: he is in fact losing almost entire match. He is a sad guy who became an outlet for jealousy that Fujimaki nurses against Ikemen.

Nijimura: there was an idea, which make his hair colour rainbow. Glad i didnt.

Kagami: Since i found his stance, which is to play for comrades, ive grown strong attachment to him. He is one of my most favorite characters now.

Aomine: a former Kurokos partner.Therefore after beaten, hes been actively participating. if you ask who explains about the ZONE, he is the one.

Murasakibara: during the game, i exaggerated his size i was nearly disoriented the balance.

2014-12-07 15:42 

Mibuchi Reo
(5th most popular SG with 2597 votes)
Yaksha that dances beautifully on the court.


188 cm/ 74 kg
September 23th (Libra)
Blood Type A
Motto: Gentle but firm
Favorite food: Rolled Cabbage
Hobby: Baking sweets
Specialty: Tarot Reading
Best subject: Classic literature
Committee: Health Committee (infirmary)
Family: Father, Mother
Dislike: vulgar, indecent person
Best play: 3 Point Shoot
Type ♡: attentive person ♡
Way to spend free time: shopping in general store
Reason starting basket: watching NBA
Player he has his eyes on: Koganei Shinji (Seirin)

2014-12-07 15:56 

Mitobe's profile & interview

Height: 186cm
Weight: 78kg
Birthday: December 3rd (Sagittarius)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: Honestly, humbly, gently
Favorite food: Tekka-don
Hobby: Photography
Skill: Cats cradle, Cooking
Best subject: Chemistry
School committee: Health
Family: Father, Mother, Five younger brothers, Three younger sisters
Dislikes: Talking
Best basketball skill: Post play -> Hook shot
Type of girl he likes: A quiet person
How he spends his days off: Plays with his family
Why he started playing basketball: Club recruitment
Player he has his eye on: Kobori Kouji


Physical ability: 7/10
Technique: 7/10
Stamina: 8/10
Mental strength: 7/10
Special ability: 3/10


[Koganei is interpreting for Mitobe as usual. Q4 and 8 are completely hidden]

Q1. (Having hidden his presence, Kuroko suddenly appears) Mitobe-sempai, congratulations on making third place. How do you feel right now?
He says that because he normally doesnt talk, hes not keen on this kind of thing (being interviewed), but hes really happy!

Q2. What do your consider your best trait?
He says, Perhaps my gentleness. Nah, surely youre too gentle! *laughs*

Q3. Then is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?
He wants to fix his indecisiveness, apparently. Eh, really, Mitobe?! Thats the part you want to fix?! You have no plans to talk anytime soon?!

Q5. Looking back at the Winter Cup, how do you feel about it now?
He says he was really pleased Whoa?!! I think this might be the first time even Ive ever seen Mitobe in such high spirits!

Q6. Im envious of how friendly you and your siblings are. What is the secret to becoming so close?
He says that its hardly a secret or anything, but they always make sure to eat together.

Q7. When did you become this quiet?
He says he cant really remember. Well, by the time I met Mitobe in middle school, he was already like this.

Q9. [Cant actually see the question but guessing it is:] What are your goals for the future?
Its to make it to the Interhigh in the summer but in order to achieve that, as mentioned before, he wants to grow more as a player so that he can fill Kiyoshis shoes.

Q10. Please give me a message for all the fans out there.
"I cant believe that Im third place, Im truly overjoyed. Thank you for all the support. From here on I will try even harder to live up to everyones expectations." Actually, Mitobe~, lets try our best to get you talking. This time was a little tiring even for me~.

2014-12-07 16:02 

Takao Kazunari
(2nd most popular PG with 5828 votes)
"The Kings key stone that makes genius shines."

176 cm/65 kg
November 21th (Scorpio)
Blood Type O
Motto: People who enjoy life is the winner
Favorite food: Kimchi
Hobby: Trading Card Game
Specialty: Backflip
Best subject: English Grammar
Committee: Health Committee/infirmary
Family: Father, mother, younger sister
Things hes not good at: keeping quiet
Best play: No look pass
Type: Positive person
Way to spend free time: Shopping for trading card in Nakano Broadway
Reason starting basketball: started it by his own volition then he found it to be really interesting
Player he has his eyes on: Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin)

2014-12-07 17:03 

Hyuuga Interview Q7
Q: Frankly speaking, what happened with Coach after that?
A: Wha- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? NOTHING HAPPENED! Wait, what do you mean what happened? RiCoach is coach!

Riko Interview Q8
Q: From Momoi-sans interview, it seems like she has someone shes interested in in Seirins Basketball club
A: Wha- what is she thinking!!! Shes totally playing with her wordsshes just trying to set me up!

The Spring of youth! Hyuugas devoted love for Riko!!

Eat all genocidal weapon!
Kares spiciness is love! No matter how it looks like!
Take her to her home!
Even if angry Kagetora is waiting for you, Rikos safety is main priority!
Even hair cut is his forte!
As expected from barbers son! With his experienced cut, she makes Riko beautiful!

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08.12.2014 12:40

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2014-12-08 22:47 

Nebuya Eikichi

2014-12-08 22:49 

Liu Wei

2014-12-10 07:11 

10.12.2014 02:05

Why he started playing basketball: He read a basketball manga and thought it was cool
* * :heart::heart::heart:


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10.12.2014 21:32

Nakamura Shinya

Height: 181 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Birthday: May 9th (Taurus)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: Seize the day
Favorite food: Kani-miso (crab meat? crab innards? idk orz)
Hobby: Occult
Skill: Sign language
Best subject: Physics
School committee: None
Family: Father, Mother
Dislikes (but can also mean not good at): When hes alone with Kise he doesnt know how to keep up the conversation
Best basketball skill: Pick and roll
Type of girl he likes: A bright person
How he spends his days off: watching ghost movies on the internet
Why he started playing basketball: to build up physical strength
Player he has his eye on: Kagami Taiga


2014-12-10 21:48 

10.12.2014 21:34

Takeuchi Genta :heart:

Height: 173 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Birthday: March 3rd (Pisces)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: The enemy lies within you
Favorite food: Sea urchin
Hobby: Karaoke
Skill: Bowling
Subject hes in charge of: Japanese history
Family: single
Dislikes (but can also mean not good at): exercise
Best basketball skill (when he was active): Rebound
Type of girl he likes: A woman who will respect her man (Im a bit unsure about this one orz)
How he spends his days off: going out drinking, occasionally with Kagetora and the others
Why he started playing basketball: it looked fun
Player he has his eye on: Hayakawa Mitsuhiro


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Fujimakis comment: ... Sorry!
Fujimakis comment: ... However, Im sorry, Kawahara and Fukuda.
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