2014-12-07 15:37 

- Kuro Fes - Fujimaki senseis comments on each character

Kuroko: nothing more to say about him. hes like my other self.

Akashi: original Akashi has returned after being defeated by Kuroko & Kagami, though insane Akashi has not completely vanished. perhaps he makes appearance.

Takao: to be frank, I was drawing him just like another minor character at the beginning. Then he climbed up the ladder to success like Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Midorima: whether good or bad, it is no exaggeration to say that he is the one who solidified the direction of this Manga. In a way, he is the biggest piece.

Kise: he is in fact losing almost entire match. He is a sad guy who became an outlet for jealousy that Fujimaki nurses against Ikemen.

Nijimura: there was an idea, which make his hair colour rainbow. Glad i didnt.

Kagami: Since i found his stance, which is to play for comrades, ive grown strong attachment to him. He is one of my most favorite characters now.

Aomine: a former Kurokos partner.Therefore after beaten, hes been actively participating. if you ask who explains about the ZONE, he is the one.

Murasakibara: during the game, i exaggerated his size i was nearly disoriented the balance.

2014-12-07 15:42 

Mibuchi Reo
(5th most popular SG with 2597 votes)
Yaksha that dances beautifully on the court.


188 cm/ 74 kg
September 23th (Libra)
Blood Type A
Motto: Gentle but firm
Favorite food: Rolled Cabbage
Hobby: Baking sweets
Specialty: Tarot Reading
Best subject: Classic literature
Committee: Health Committee (infirmary)
Family: Father, Mother
Dislike: vulgar, indecent person
Best play: 3 Point Shoot
Type ♡: attentive person ♡
Way to spend free time: shopping in general store
Reason starting basket: watching NBA
Player he has his eyes on: Koganei Shinji (Seirin)

2014-12-07 15:56 

Mitobe's profile & interview

Height: 186cm
Weight: 78kg
Birthday: December 3rd (Sagittarius)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: Honestly, humbly, gently
Favorite food: Tekka-don
Hobby: Photography
Skill: Cats cradle, Cooking
Best subject: Chemistry
School committee: Health
Family: Father, Mother, Five younger brothers, Three younger sisters
Dislikes: Talking
Best basketball skill: Post play -> Hook shot
Type of girl he likes: A quiet person
How he spends his days off: Plays with his family
Why he started playing basketball: Club recruitment
Player he has his eye on: Kobori Kouji


Physical ability: 7/10
Technique: 7/10
Stamina: 8/10
Mental strength: 7/10
Special ability: 3/10


[Koganei is interpreting for Mitobe as usual. Q4 and 8 are completely hidden]

Q1. (Having hidden his presence, Kuroko suddenly appears) Mitobe-sempai, congratulations on making third place. How do you feel right now?
He says that because he normally doesnt talk, hes not keen on this kind of thing (being interviewed), but hes really happy!

Q2. What do your consider your best trait?
He says, Perhaps my gentleness. Nah, surely youre too gentle! *laughs*

Q3. Then is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?
He wants to fix his indecisiveness, apparently. Eh, really, Mitobe?! Thats the part you want to fix?! You have no plans to talk anytime soon?!

Q5. Looking back at the Winter Cup, how do you feel about it now?
He says he was really pleased Whoa?!! I think this might be the first time even Ive ever seen Mitobe in such high spirits!

Q6. Im envious of how friendly you and your siblings are. What is the secret to becoming so close?
He says that its hardly a secret or anything, but they always make sure to eat together.

Q7. When did you become this quiet?
He says he cant really remember. Well, by the time I met Mitobe in middle school, he was already like this.

Q9. [Cant actually see the question but guessing it is:] What are your goals for the future?
Its to make it to the Interhigh in the summer but in order to achieve that, as mentioned before, he wants to grow more as a player so that he can fill Kiyoshis shoes.

Q10. Please give me a message for all the fans out there.
"I cant believe that Im third place, Im truly overjoyed. Thank you for all the support. From here on I will try even harder to live up to everyones expectations." Actually, Mitobe~, lets try our best to get you talking. This time was a little tiring even for me~.

2014-12-07 16:02 

Takao Kazunari
(2nd most popular PG with 5828 votes)
"The Kings key stone that makes genius shines."

176 cm/65 kg
November 21th (Scorpio)
Blood Type O
Motto: People who enjoy life is the winner
Favorite food: Kimchi
Hobby: Trading Card Game
Specialty: Backflip
Best subject: English Grammar
Committee: Health Committee/infirmary
Family: Father, mother, younger sister
Things hes not good at: keeping quiet
Best play: No look pass
Type: Positive person
Way to spend free time: Shopping for trading card in Nakano Broadway
Reason starting basketball: started it by his own volition then he found it to be really interesting
Player he has his eyes on: Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin)

2014-12-07 17:03 

Hyuuga Interview Q7
Q: Frankly speaking, what happened with Coach after that?
A: Wha- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? NOTHING HAPPENED! Wait, what do you mean what happened? RiCoach is coach!

Riko Interview Q8
Q: From Momoi-sans interview, it seems like she has someone shes interested in in Seirins Basketball club
A: Wha- what is she thinking!!! Shes totally playing with her wordsshes just trying to set me up!

The Spring of youth! Hyuugas devoted love for Riko!!

Eat all genocidal weapon!
Kares spiciness is love! No matter how it looks like!
Take her to her home!
Even if angry Kagetora is waiting for you, Rikos safety is main priority!
Even hair cut is his forte!
As expected from barbers son! With his experienced cut, she makes Riko beautiful!

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Nebuya Eikichi

2014-12-08 22:49 

Liu Wei

2014-12-10 07:11 

10.12.2014 02:05

Why he started playing basketball: He read a basketball manga and thought it was cool
* * :heart::heart::heart:


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10.12.2014 21:32

Nakamura Shinya

Height: 181 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Birthday: May 9th (Taurus)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: Seize the day
Favorite food: Kani-miso (crab meat? crab innards? idk orz)
Hobby: Occult
Skill: Sign language
Best subject: Physics
School committee: None
Family: Father, Mother
Dislikes (but can also mean not good at): When hes alone with Kise he doesnt know how to keep up the conversation
Best basketball skill: Pick and roll
Type of girl he likes: A bright person
How he spends his days off: watching ghost movies on the internet
Why he started playing basketball: to build up physical strength
Player he has his eye on: Kagami Taiga


2014-12-10 21:48 

10.12.2014 21:34

Takeuchi Genta :heart:

Height: 173 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Birthday: March 3rd (Pisces)
Bloodtype: A
Motto: The enemy lies within you
Favorite food: Sea urchin
Hobby: Karaoke
Skill: Bowling
Subject hes in charge of: Japanese history
Family: single
Dislikes (but can also mean not good at): exercise
Best basketball skill (when he was active): Rebound
Type of girl he likes: A woman who will respect her man (Im a bit unsure about this one orz)
How he spends his days off: going out drinking, occasionally with Kagetora and the others
Why he started playing basketball: it looked fun
Player he has his eye on: Hayakawa Mitsuhiro


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